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One of the most critical aspects of keeping our elections secure is having Republican poll challengers. Rather than addressing issues after the fact, we can ensure the law is being followed as elections are taking place.

The MIGOP is looking for Republican Poll Challengers for the 2021 November Elections AND the 2022 August and November Elections.

Over the course of the next year we will be holding multiple, in-depth and interactive trainings to show you what your role as a challenger should look like and things you should look out for.

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In 2020, Jocelyn Benson broke the law as she administered the election in Michigan giving Democrats a leg up.

We are not going to let that happen in 2022. As part of the Michigan Republican Party's "Restoring Faith in Elections" program, we are recruiting hundreds of poll challengers across the state.

Poll challengers are critical because they have the ability to address problems AS THEY HAPPEN - not after the fact.

If you have additional questions, you can email our Election Integrity Director, Matthew Seifried, at mseifried@gop.com.


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